Precise Biometrics’ Shanghai Office Keen on In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Trend

“In China, similar to the rest of the world, the next big thing in biometrics for mobile phones is to enable users to authenticate with their finger on any part of the screen – not just on a button at the bottom or on the back of the phone.” – Matthew Bai, Customer Program Manager, Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics' Shanghai Office Keen on In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Trend

Precise Biometrics is reaffirming the growth of the in-display fingerprint sensor trend in a new update on its recent office opening in Shanghai.

The update comes in the format of a Q&A with the company’s Customer Program Manager, Matthew Bai, posted on Precise Biometrics’ blog. Bai has been leading the organization of Precise Biometrics’ Shanghai office over the past several months, and asserts in the post that from his position in proximity to the China market, he is “particularly excited about the new developments and growing trend towards optical sensors”, a trend that was also highlighted in Precise Biometrics’ Annual Report earlier this year.

“This makes optical sensors very important as they can be fully integrated into the display unlike traditional capacitive sensors,” Bai explained. “This switch to new technology therefore opens up a new area in the market and by being based in China we’re in a great position to meet the growing demand from our customers.”

Bai also referred to the company’s recently announced licensing agreement with a major Asia-based sensor supplier as evidence “that our strategy, to be near the customers, has been successful.”

As for broader plans pertaining to Precise Biometrics Shanghai operations, Bai says that currently “we are a small team” – the key locus of Precise Biometrics’ operations remains in Sweden – but that “the plan is to grow with more staff joining over the coming months.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)