Prestigio to Include Intel Security True Key in Mobile Devices

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Consumer electronics developer Prestigio has announced that it’s going to be one of the first mobile device makers to integrate Intel Security’s True Key application for products rolling out across the EMEA market. The company is going to debut the app on its Android smartphones and tablets in Russia.

True Key is a security platform that uses a multi-factor security apparatus, including biometric security modalities such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, to lock up the apps on a mobile device. Its aim is to phase out archaic password systems and to allows users a degree of customization in how many security factors they’d like to use for access. In Russia, where Prestigio will be piloting the new system, the average user has 23 apps on their smartphone, the company says, and at least a quarter of all users have used apps to do banking over the past week. True Key could go a long way in protecting such vulnerable users.

It’s an excellent concept – scalable biometric mobile security – though it remains to be seen how readily consumers embrace it. Many new smartphones already feature built-in biometric security systems mimicking the pioneering Touch ID fingerprint scanning system found on all new Apple mobile devices, and large financial institutions are starting to employ biometric security measures such as facial recognition in their own apps. Moreover, recent research by MasterCard suggests that, as much as they like doing financial transactions through their mobile devices, many consumers may not be particularly concerned about security on their mobile devices. Still, mobile banking and other such services are still new to the mass market, and as awareness about security threats increases, attitudes toward personal security could evolve too.