Recardio Announces Rollout of CardioCare Across Europe

Recardio Announces Rollout of CardioCare Across Europe

Life sciences company Recardio Inc. has announced the rollout of its CardioCare platform across Europe, beginning with more than half a dozen countries, in support of its clinical development programs in cardiovascular health.

Recardio’s CardioCare platform was recognized at the European Society of Cardiologists Congress (ESC) in 2018 in Munich, Germany, and has now seen adoption by clinicians across a number of countries in Europe including Austria, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

“Recardio’s digital platform CardioCare is now available throughout Europe and will be integrated into future clinical development programs like the upcoming global Phase 3 program,” said Harald Kattnig, Project Manager for CardioCare and Vice President Information Systems at Recardio. 

The platform, which can be used in connection with a number of FDA-approved wearable devices, captures a patient’s heart data, feedback and biometrics for analysis. The data that is captured can be used to treat patients or for future clinical studies in the field of cardiovascular health.

CardioCare effectively combines mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and wearable technologies in the growing field of digital medicine and combines them to provide a platform for personalized therapy and clinical trials.

Recardio’s cardiovascular care programs are in their clinical stage — Phase 2 — and the release of CardioCare looks to aid them in reaching the next phase. Phase 3 will involve the further development of their therapeutic platform with the aim of providing treatment for patients with various cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infarction and heart failure.