The Reviews Are In: Laptop Fingerprint Sensor Is A Hit

The reviews are in, and Huawei’s new MacBook rival, the Matebook X, appears to be a hit – thanks in part to its innovative use of biometric security.

The Reviews Are In: Laptop Fingerprint Sensor Is A HitFor CNET’s Xiomara Blanco, the laptop offers a compelling fusion of design and functionality, with Blanco asserting that its “matte, metallic aluminum construction oozes style, and it feels as premium as it looks,” while its “elegantly inconspicuous power button doubles as a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader.”

TechRadar’s Gabe Carey, meanwhile, says that combination power button/fingerprint scanner is “[o]ne of the coolest aspects of the Huawei MateBook X,” elaborating that the system allows the device to power on and load the correct user account “with one simple touch.”

The reviews’ enthusiasm for the integrated fingerprint sensor suggest that it could become a feature many other computer and laptop makers will seek to emulate. For its part, Huawei is to some extent copying the design of Apple’s MacBook Pro, with the company positioning the Matebook X as an alternative to that device. But in so doing, it could be at the crest of a coming wave, given how mobile fingerprint sensors spread after other OEMs started emulating the Touch ID system of the iPhone – especially with Microsoft encouraging the development of fingerprint sensor-infused devices with its support for biometric security on its Windows 10 operating system.

Sources: CNET, TechRadar