RightPatient Named One of TAG’s Top 40 Innovators

vital biometrics and wearable techThe Technology Association of Georgia has named RightPatient one of its Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia. The company will be formally recognized along with the other TAG Top 40 at this year’s Georgia Technology Summit (GTS) later this month.

RightPatient is a digital healthcare solutions provider exploring the areas of technological frontiers of big data, predictive analytics, and deep learning to improve the patient treatment and outcomes, as well as the overall improvement of the healthcare landscape. Accepting the recognition, RightPatient president Michael Trader said the company was both proud and honoured, adding, “We remain focused on our core mission to democratize and defragment healthcare, improve personal and population health outcomes, and lower costs through technological disruption in the areas of patient identification, engagement, and predictive analytics.” The 2015 Georgia Technology Summit is expected to draw over 1300 C-level executives in its attendance, which could result in some healthy interest and perhaps investment in the organization.

While RightPatient’s EHR platform is certainly not the only game in town, with competition from companies like BIO-key and also Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD system, it is pioneering in its exploration of big data and aggregate biometrics. The potential benefits of those nascent technology systems in healthcare are starting to generate a lot of buzz, with researchers proselytizing about them even at cultural festivals like SXSW. If RightPatient continues to break new ground in these areas, it’s a good bet that it will continue to be in the TAG Top 40 in the future.