S Note Update to Protect Users’ Scribbles with Biometric Security

Samsung is bringing biometric security to its S Note app, according to a new report from SamMobile.

S Note Update to Protect Users' Scribbles with Biometric Security

Compatible with the Galaxy Note 5 and its S Pen stylus, the S Note app allows users to take notes by hand on their devices. Now, Samsung is aiming to add a fingerprint-based locking feature to the memo app, which will work together with its device’s overall locking security system. As SamMobile’s Abhijeet M. notes, users can already add such security to the S Note app via the ‘Private mode’ feature on Samsung devices, but the new update will integrate such security into the app directly.

It isn’t clear yet if the upgrade will arrive as a software update taking advantage of Android Marshmallow’s fingerprint scanning capabilities, or as part of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 6. Either way, the embrace of fingerprint-based locking will serve to further promote the increasing prominence of biometric security on mobile devices. And the upgrade is also going to sport a couple of other useful features including allowing users to scroll down to take more notes when writing via the ‘Screen off memo’ function that allows input on locked devices, and allowing notes to be imported from other apps.

Source: SamMobile