Nok Nok Labs Announces S3 Authentication Suite Version 5.2

Nok Nok Labs has announced a new version of its flagship biometric authentication platform, and it comes with some considerable upgrades.

Nok Nok Labs Announces S3 Authentication Suite Version 5.2

Some of the improvements are focused on usability, with version 5.2 of the S3 Authentication Suite featuring new Dashboard, GUI, and command line interfaces to make deployment easier, with the browser-based Dashboards offering analytics aimed at helping clients track user behavior. The platform also now supports the Cordova app development language, allowing developers to support both iOS and Android with the same base of code for their deployments.

But perhaps more important are the release’s security improvements. The S3 Authentication Suite can now produce audit logs designed to show evidence of tampering. And what could be of even greater consequence from a security perspective is the 5.2 release’s inclusion of its own passive authentication system. In a blog post announcing the S3 Authentication Suite update, Nok Nok Labs did not offer specifics about how this “Silent Authenticator” operates, but said that it builds on “prior NNL innovations around risk signals and device mapping,” suggesting that it is at least partially based on metadata pertaining to the devices being used to access the platform.

The latest release comes amid growing support for the FIDO authentication standards upon which the platform is based, and ahead of new regulations in the European Union that will likely spur various organizations to implement stronger digital security measures, so these latest improvements should ultimately be appreciated by many clients and end users.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)