Safran Works to Establish IoT Connectivity Standards

As industry analysts continue to predict the rapid development of the Internet of Things, Safran Identity & Security is highlighting its efforts to get ahead of the IoT on multiple fronts. The Safran Works to Establish IoT Connectivity Standardscompany cites predictions from Berg Insight suggesting that 120 million cellular IoT products will hit the market this year, and that nearly 250 million will ship annually by 2020—all of which highlights the importance of interoperability and security, Safran says.

To those ends, Safran is working with the GSMA to establish secure connection standards, particularly with respect to eSIM provisioning. It has also been working with the SIMalliance to draft a white paper on 5G network security, and in a statement Safran Identity & Security VP Yves Portalier said that the company is “developing an interoperability profile within the SIMalliance organization, enabling new SIM profiles to be downloaded to eSIMs and thereby delivering optimized connectivity.” Safran is also working with Stream Technologies, whose IoT-X connection platform could be used alongside Safran’s MorphoFlex eSIM provisioning solution to streamline connection management for companies working on IoT products featuring cellular connectivity.

Overall, Safran’s efforts are aimed at establishing common standards and frameworks for the IoT with respect to secure connectivity. The issues of standards and interoperability have long concerned IoT stakeholders and industry watchers, and by getting ahead of them Safran is helping not only to foster the development of the IoT, but to ensure that its solutions are important components of it.