Samsung Announces ARTIK Cloud IoT Platform

Samsung has announced a new cloud platform for the Internet of Things. Called Samsung ARTIK Cloud, it’s designed to allow various apps and devices to connect with each other.

Samsung Announces ARTIK Cloud IoT PlatformLike Samsung’s ARTIK IoT chip line, ARTIK Cloud is in large part an effort to introduce technological standards and frameworks that allow for interoperability between connected devices and systems. In a statement announcing the platform, the company asserted that its open APIs and tools facilitate exchanges of data “from any connected device or cloud service,” with Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn declaring that the platform breaks down the ‘data silos’ that can arise between devices, and “enables a new class of IoT applications and services.”

Of course, for Samsung, the key will be to get IoT developers using the platform, and to that end it’s offering a tiered pricing model that lets developers start working on ARTIK cloud products for free. The company is also keen to emphasize the security of its ARTIK Cloud platform, which includes secure element, trusted certificates, and other security features. That could further encourage developers to use the platform as perceptions of IoT security and privacy issues continue to evolve. And with Samsung also looking to expand its Samsung Knox security platform to the IoT, security could be an increasingly important component of its positioning in the market.