Is Samsung Ready For In-Display Biometrics on the Galaxy Note 9?

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 suggest that Samsung may not quite be ready to dive into in-display fingerprint scanning.Is Samsung Ready For In-Display Biometrics on the Galaxy Note 9?

The leaked images show versions of the smartphone in purple and blue, and generally match up with other recent leaks. They depict a smartphone with a full-sized, curved display, and a glass back featuring two camera lenses and an LED. Notably, they also show a fingerprint sensor right under the rear cameras, which would refute the idea, put forward by a reputable leaker earlier this year, that the device would include in-display sensor technology. Worse, the location of the fingerprint sensor suggests that Samsung still isn’t addressing feedback over its last few flagship devices in which customers complained that putting the fingerprint sensor so close to the camera led to a lot of smudging on the lens.

That could all change with the Galaxy S10, which is expected to launch early next year. Word has it that the S10 will come in three different models, with the standard and premium versions expected to have in-display fingerprint sensor technology, while a budget-friendly version will have its fingerprint sensor on the side of the device. But as we can see, these prognostications aren’t always reliable.

Nevertheless, some industry watchers think they have a pretty good idea of what the other features of the impending Note 10 are. They include 64GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, IP68 water and dust resistance, an S Pen stylus with revamped functionality, and, of course, iris recognition.

Sources: Android Authority, TechRadar

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