Samsung Emphasizes Personalized Experiences During CES 2020 Keynote

Samsung Emphasizes Personalized Experiences During CES 2020 Keynote

Samsung is arguing that the future of tech will focus on experiences instead of products. HS Kim, the President and CEO of the company’s Consumer Electronics Division, made the case the case during the company’s CES keynote presentation at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

During the keynote, Kim described the current moment as an “Age of Experiences,” and explained that people are “looking to buy convenience, peace of mind and enjoyment.” He then went on to showcase a slew of new Samsung products that were designed to facilitate more personalized technology interactions. For example, the lineup kicked off with Ballie, a home service robot that can record household activity, act as a personal trainer, and manage other smart devices within the home.

Other highlights include an improved Samsung Health app, as well as a ‘Gait Enhancing & Motivating System’ (GEMS) that leverages AR glasses and the Galaxy Watch to turn any space into an immersive (and personalized) workout studio. The company also announced that it is collaborating with Kaiser Permanente to develop a heart rehab program called HeartWise.

Samsung later unveiled a collection of smart home and smart city innovations that take advantage of 5G technology. Kitchen examples range from a smart refrigerator that can automatically order fresh ingredients from a “food playlist” to a Bot Chef that can help prepare those ingredients. Both essentially operate as personal assistants that can help people carry out a handful of highly specific tasks.

The company is also working on smart cars that can communicate with other vehicles on the road and smart buildings that are designed to have a smaller carbon footprint than contemporary structures. It concluded with a promise to protect the privacy of people using the new products, saying that it would not share personal information without the explicit consent of its customers.

Samsung’s product portfolio picked up 46 prizes when the CES Innovation Awards were announced in November. The company recently unveiled Lite versions of its Galaxy S10 and Note10 smartphones.