Samsung Mobile Head Promises Big Changes for Galaxy S10

Samsung Mobile Head Promises Big Changes for Galaxy S10In the shadow of last week’s big iPhone announcements, Samsung is trying to churn up the anticipation for its next Samsung Galaxy smartphone, with the company’s mobile head, DJ Koh, asserting that the forthcoming Galaxy S10 will feature “very significant” design changes.

The comments were made at a Chinese media event last week, though Koh did not go on to offer any specifics concerning how the S10 might be different from this year’s S9. In any case, a major redesign could be a smart strategic move on Samsung’s part, given that Apple’s new iPhone Xs devices aren’t much different from the iPhone X launched last autumn, offering Samsung an opportunity to steal some of Apple’s thunder. It may also be that a redesign is overdue, given that the Galaxy S9 was itself very similar to 2017’s Galaxy S8 in its design.

As for how the S10 might in fact be different, there are already plenty of rumors. Among the latest is the idea that it will be available in two primary models and a third budget option, with the main models sporting in-display fingerprint scanning. That’s a feature that was anticipated for the iPhone X but never materialized, and thus would allow Samsung to differentiate itself, hopefully to a competitive advantage. (The budget model would feature a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, according to the speculation.)

And as SamMobile reports, Samsung is also expected to deliver a triple-camera system for the two main models of the Galaxy S10, another feature that can’t be found on Apple’s new devices.

This is all just speculation, of course, with the Galaxy S10 expected to be announced in the early part of 2019. In the meantime, Samsung will likely pay close attention to how the market responds to Apple’s offering of two premium iPhone models together with a budget model – and to the premium devices’ $1000+ price tags.

Source: SamMobile