New Samsung Pay Users Get Gift Cards in Time for the Holidays

New Samsung Pay Users Get Gift Cards in Time for the HolidaysThe official Samsung promotions website is offering up $50 Best Buy gift cards to users who activate Samsung Pay on their smartphones between November 20 and December 31. News users that enable the mobile wallet on their Samsung phones simply need to add the feature to their devices and then visit the offer website, where they may submit a claim on their gift card.

While this latest giveaway promotion from Samsung comes in a timely fashion. With the infamous shopping holidays Black Friday and Cyber Monday less than a week away, new Samsung Pay users will have another $50 to spend on major electronics discounts or, if they so choose, in a more festive and altruistic manner. For Samsung, more users on its payments platform for December means an extra edge in the mCommerce wars, which are expected to become rather heated over the coming month, with new research predicting a major increase in mobile payments as the winter holidays approach.

Samsung Pay, for the uninitiated, is a POS retail payments solution built into the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. By registering a payment card with the mobile wallet, users can pay with their credit or bank accounts at the cash register by simply tapping their phone on the card payment terminal. Thanks to the fingerprint sensor embedded in new Galaxy devices, payments are authenticated via biometrics.

Unlike its competitors, which rely on NFC to transact with terminals, Samsung uses LoopPay technology to get the job done. This allows Samsung Pay to be accepted by card readers that haven’t been upgraded to support tap payments, essentially fooling the retail tech into believing a Galaxy smartphone has a mag stripe.

Samsung has been offering  similar offers throughout the months that Samsung Pay has been available, recently offering wireless phone chargers to newly registered customers.