Samsung SDS Adds ID R&D Tech to Its Biometrics Platform

Samsung SDS Adds ID R&D Tech to Its Biometrics PlatformSamsung SDS is padding out its Digital Identity Platform with technology from New York-based ID R&D, with the latter announcing that its IDVoice and IDBehave solutions have been integrated into the system.

As its name suggests, IDVoice is a voice recognition system designed for user authentication. Explaining the system’s utility in Nexsign, the FIDO-certified mobile authentication component of the Samsung SDS Digital Identity Platform, Samsung SDSA VP Richard Lobovsky wrote on his company’s blog that it lets “users create a passphrase that could be as simple as a favorite sports team or the name of a pet, which they authenticate by speaking that passphrase into the phone.”

IDBehave, meanwhile, is a behavioral biometrics system that looks for patterns in how users interact with their devices to offer an extra layer of authentication security. Like IDVoice, it’s aimed primarily at mobile applications, making it a good fit for Nexsign as well.

At the same time, the ID R&D integrations into the Samsung SDS platform are a bit curious, given that voice recognition was one of the multiple biometric modalities already supported by Nexsign, and that behavioral biometrics capabilities were integrated into the platform last autumn care of BioCatch. But it appears that Samsung SDS is taking a ‘the-more-the-merrier’ approach, leveraging an array of authentication solutions to ensure that its platform is as accurate as possible in user identification.