Fujitsu Allies with Upstream Security to Develop In-Car Threat Detection Platform

Fujitsu Allies with Upstream Security to Develop In-Car Threat Detection Platform

Fujitsu has teamed up with Upstream Security to develop a new security platform for the next generation of connected vehicles. Upstream Security is a smart car cybersecurity specialist, and has already developed a cloud-based automotive threat feed called Upstream C4.

The new joint solution will blend Upstream C4 with Fujitsu’s data processing tech, as well as its ICT-SOC (Security Operation Center). It will allow smart cars to detect threats to the vehicle, which will be increasingly important as more and more car manufacturers introduce in-car digital assistants and other connected features.

Fujitsu and Uptream noted that international committees like the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (as well as the US Senate) are starting to discuss regulations and best practices for cybersecurity in connected cars. The new partnership should ensure that they will be a major part of that conversation moving forward.

“Our mission is to protect every connected vehicle on the planet by detecting security incidents and remediate them before they become a real threat to the safety and security of drivers and passengers alike,” said Upstream Co-Founder and CEO Yoav Levy.

“Together with Upstream, we will contribute to the realization of a trusted mobility society in which everyone can rest assured by leveraging our security technologies and experience in the ICT field,” added Fujitsu EVP and Corporate Executive Officer Junichi Azuma.

The news arrives several months after a Technavio report that predicted that connected cars would create a stronger demand for car security systems. The new offering from Fujitsu and Upstream would seem to be an effort to fulfill a similar demand. Companies like SiriusXM have also leveraged technologies like iris recognition to secure in-car transactions.

Fujitsu and Upstream will make the new platform available to car manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Japan over the course of 2020. Upstream also indicated that the partnership will allow the company to expand its presence in the Japanese market.