Secret Double Octopus Wraps its Arms Around Asigra

Secret Double Octopus Wraps its Arms Around Asigra

Asigra is enhancing its cloud backup platform with password-free authentication from Secret Double Octopus. The new partnership will increase the security of Asigra’s Cloud Backup Evolved and is intended to mitigate the threat posed by ransomware attacks.   

“In today’s hostile cyber environment, keeping client data secure in the cloud has to be top priority,” said Asigra Executive VP Eran Farajun. “We believe that password-less authentication is the best option for our clients.”

Asigra is an enterprise-level solution for companies that need to make frequent backups to the cloud. The platform is designed to guard against malicious cyberattacks that would access and erase those backups. However, employees previously had to rely on traditional login credentials like passwords in order to gain access to the system, which created a vulnerability at that access point.

Integrating Secret Double Octopus’ password-free algorithmic authenticator will allow Asigra to close that gap and supplement its existing two-factor authentication.

“In today’s world passwords can’t truly protect critical data and applications,” added Secret Double Octopus CEO Raz Rafaeli. “We are excited to offer authentication-as-a-service protecting critical data using our password-less strong authentication solution.”

Asigra is not the first company to highlight the importance of cloud security moving forward. HID Global and Gemalto have recently unveiled new solutions, while Samsung has strengthened its cloud security suite with new white box cryptography.