Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence Platform Wins ATA Award

Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence Platform Wins ATA AwardThe American Telemedecine Association (ATA) has awarded its 2015 President’s Award for Innovation in Remote Health Care to Sentrian, for the company’s Remote Patient Intelligence platform. The award is meant to recognize technological innovation in telemedicine and “outside the box” thinking.

The Sentrian RPI platform uses biometric sensors and machine learning to provide cloud-based remote patient monitoring. The company’s aim is to give healthcare providers tools allowing them to manage “whole populations of patients with chronic disease,” and to keep patients out of the hospital as much as possible by detecting and treating health issues early. In acknowledging the award, Sentrian CEO Dean Sawyer said he saw it as a “validation of the importance of the work we’re undertaking”, adding that his team believes “the technology will drive significant reductions in hospitalization while increasing the efficiency of remote care teams – accomplishments that could greatly expand the efficacy and adoption of telemedicine in healthcare.”

While there are a great many companies exploring the use of biometrics in remote healthcare – propelled in large part by the revolutionary effects of mobile technology – only a relative few are starting to explore the kinds of big-picture analytics made possible by big data. But this area, too, is starting to really pick up steam, and in fact was even highlighted at this year’s SXSW as an exciting technological frontier. With the ATA award, Sentrian seems to be a pioneer at the very front.