SIC Biometrics’ New Handheld Live Scan Device Could be a Boon for Law Enforcement and Finance

SIC Biometrics' New Handheld Live Scan Device Could be a Boon for Law Enforcement and Finance
(image via SIC Biometrics)

A new biometric handheld device from SIC Biometrics could prove to be a powerful tool in law enforcement, banking, and other application areas.

Called the IdentiFI-50, it’s billed as the world’s first Live Scan FAP 50 devices that support communications over Wi-Fi. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, and it’s rugged, with the capability to operate in temperatures raning from 14°F to 131°F, and with IP65-rated water and dust resistance.

The device uses the same fingerprint sensor featured in Integrated Biometrics’ extremely popular FIVE-0 fingerprint reader, allowing for a compact form factor — it’s small enough to fit in a pocket — and fast 4-4-2 Live Scan images. That should help to make it particularly popular with professionals who need to be able to perform biometric authentication in the field, such as police officers; as should its lengthy battery life, with the device able to scan fingerprints continuously for up to eight hours.

The device will be unveiled at this year’s Connect ID, where it’s sure to attract some serious attention from attendees and peers participating in the event. Connect ID is scheduled to run from April 30th to May 1st in Washington, DC, with SIC Biometrics slated to showcase its solution from booth #111.

Commenting on the sophisticated offering in a statement, SIC Biometrics CEO Eric Talbot said the IdentiFI-50 is “the result of 20 years of innovations” by his firm, as well as “the collaboration of key US and European organizations.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)