Signicat Expands Reach with New Partners and New API

Signicat Expands Reach with New Partners and New API

Signicat’s identity verification services are now available in more than 208 countries around the world. The company has also rebuilt its API to make it easier to integrate new digital identity verification methods into its flagship Signicat Digital Identity Platform.

The news suggests that Signicat is already seeing a return after its recent acquisition of the API specialist Idfy. The new API will make Signicat significantly more flexible and allow customers to update the platform with new features as technology continues to evolve.

“Businesses in regulated industries need to maintain trust in their customer relationships,” said Signicat CEO Gunnar Nordseth. “Our aim with this release is to future-proof our platform to provide our customers best-in-class identity verification technologies through a single integration point.”

The revamped Signicat platform offers a range of different identity verification options, many of which have been realized through partnerships with third-party technology providers. For instance, the web-based video interview feature leverages Electronic Identity’s VideoID, and is compliant with high-level eIDAS standards.

Signicat also automates the document verification process, and can recognize more than 6,000 different physical IDs – such as passports and driver’s licenses – thanks to an agreement with Onfido. Meanwhile, the company’s relationship with ReadID allows clients to add NFC reading capabilities to their own mobile applications.

Together, the various solutions will reduce the threat of fraud and increase the amount of trust between organizations and individual users. Signicat previously strengthened its platform with single sign-in and multi-factor authentication capabilities through partnerships with Yes and Verimi, respectively.