Smart ID Badge Uses Biometric Authentication, Location Tracking

Global Net Solutions has announced a new smart ID badge that can track the user’s location and authenticate their identity.

Called the ‘S-Badge’, the device takes advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy and high-frequency RFID technology to enable location tracking. Meanwhile, AI technology can spot unusual behaviors such as spending a long time in a restricted area, which can then trigger a security alert.

The S-Badge also employs a fingerprint sensor to authenticate a given user, with built-in liveness detection technology assessing additional factors like moisture and electricity. And it features an embedded NFC chip allowing for contactless access control, and a panic button to let users discreetly alert security authorities if and when necessary. The device is also scratch and water resistant.

In a statement announcing the solution, GNS highlighted its applications in “airports, hospitals, school districts and college campuses, government agencies and more.” And it could very well find these applications as the IoT continues to expand into more settings and infrastructure.