Smart Water Bottle Leverages Biometric Data from Apple Watch

Smart Water Bottle Leverages Biometric Data from Apple Watch

The HidrateSpark 3 water bottle unveiled three new color combinations that are now available exclusively through and in Apple Stores across the U.S.

Hidrate, the company behind the smart water bottle, uses its patented technology to help people track their water consumption by syncing the HidrateSpark 3 with the Apple Watch and the free Hidrate app via Bluetooth.

Hidrate’s proprietary hydration equation helps users set a personalized goal that is adjusted throughout the course of the day based on biometric feedback gleaned from their Apple Watch and the iOS Health app.

“The HidrateSpark 3 combines the power of technology and innovation with the need for daily hydration to improve overall health and wellness,” said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of Hidrate. “With the help of HidrateSpark, we know many chronic health issues can be managed better and we are continuing to work on advancing our technology and product innovation.”

The water bottle keeps track of each sip the user takes and regulates how much water is consumed throughout the day. The interior shell of the bottle glows to remind users when they should be drinking more to stay on course to meet their daily goal.

Users’ can choose to activate push notifications for the Hidrate app that will alert them when they fall behind their goal, and can also invite people — health coaches, family members, or friends — to follow and support them in reaching their target.

Studies have shown that 75% of Americans suffer from dehydration, and a 1% drop in the body’s water content can lead to negative effects in cognitive skills and a person’s general mood. Increased water consumption can also have positive impacts on weight management, heart and kidney health, and blood pressure, as well as blood glucose levels.

The HidrateSpark 3 has a 20 ounce capacity, and is available in various color combinations — including yellow with a green glow, white with a green glow and black with a red glow — from Apple for $59.95, and the Hidrate app is available for free on the App Store.