SOFTwarfare Launches Passwordless Security Solution for Enterprise

The cybersecurity integration specialist SOFTwarfare has released a new passwordless security solution for the enterprise. Dubbed BioThenticate, the new platform can be deployed in conjunction with other cybersecurity applications to help protect sensitive corporate materials.

SOFTware Launches Passwordless Security Solution for Enterprise

According to SOFTwarfare, BioThenticate will be especially useful to remote workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform leverages the biometric authentication features that are increasingly common on commercial smartphones, and supports face, fingerprint, and iris recognition.

BioThenticate can help Department of Defense contractors that need to meet mandatory NIST 800-171 requirements for multi-factor authentication. SOFTwarfare is also offering a 33-day trial to any companies that are interested in the service.

Of course, SOFTwarfare is not the only company that has stressed the importance of remote security in the wake of COVID-19. BioCatch has noted that many cybercriminals have been able to slip under the radar due to the dramatic increase in the volume of remote activity, which means that enterprises need to do a better job of distinguishing hackers from legitimate users.

Sine then, FIDO has unveiled a new website and logo to encourage the adoption of secure passwordless technology. BIO-key has also released a new white paper that argues that biometrics should be an integral part of a modern multi-factor authentication solution. 

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)