Sprint Launches Video Analytics Platform with Ericsson and Hitachi Tech

Sprint Launches Video Analytics Platform with Ericsson and Hitachi Tech

Sprint has released a new video analytics platform that uses AI and IoT technology to help organizations monitor an entire surveillance network. Dubbed Curiosity Smart Video Analytics, the comprehensive system combines Ericsson’s IoT Connectivity Platform with Hitachi Vantara’s cameras and data management solutions.

Curiosity is able to consolidate multiple unrelated systems under a single security and analytics umbrella, and will send automatic alerts to the relevant personnel whenever it spots suspicious behavior. That, in turn, will increase safety and improve response time during an emergency.

“According to research, humans miss out on more than 90 percent of video activities after manual monitoring,” said Sprint IoT and Product Development SVP Ivo Rook. “We’re automating workflow and enabling the visualization of distinct events with unprecedented precision to improve public safety and overall security for a variety of entities.”

The platform will also give venue operators a better sense of the way people and consumers move through a given space, allowing them to optimize a facility like a business campus or offer better service in a retail setting.

Sprint is positioning the platform as an ideal solution for the upcoming 5G ecosystem, thanks in large part to its strategic partnership with Ericsson. The latter company has been at the forefront of the IoT and 5G movements and has helped Sprint keep pace with the latest tech. Sprint, meanwhile, has previously integrated eSIM technology from IDEMIA.