Three New Leaders Slide Into iWallet

iStock_Credit CardsThree new members have been added to iWallet Corporation‘s board of directors, the company has announced.

iWallet produces the iWallet line of digitally-enhanced wallets featuring biometric security. The wallets are available in both carbon fibre and aluminum chassis constructions, and are designed to secure cash and credit cards along with mobile devices. They’re secured with fingerprint-scanning locks, they shield devices from RF scanning, and they support bluetooth tethering so that an alarm can be sounded if they become separated from their connected mobile devices.

The company’s new board members appear to be prudent strategic choices. Carl Rosen brings with him executive experience from the luxury goods field, while Anthony Durkacz hails from the world of venture capital; Charles Ng, meanwhile, brings biometrics expertise to the table, having worked in high-level positions at NEXT Biometrics, Fingerprint Cards, and Authentec.

It will be interesting to see how the board steers the company through the muddying waters of mobile wallets. Apple has just recently announced its forthcoming Apple Pay app, which will allow iPhone users to make purchases directly through their phones (which also are secured by fingerprint scanning biometric technology), while the similar Google Wallet has already been on the market for a few years. This could all signal a movement on the part of consumers away from physical wallets entirely, though it’s possible that the iWallet will offer a compelling compromise between the digital payments of the future and the piles of credit cards currently stuffing consumers’ pockets.