Trusona Introduces Time-based One-Time Passwords

Trusona Introduces Time-based One-Time Passwords

Trusona has added a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) feature to its passwordless security portfolio. The enterprise solution will enable two-step verification to provide a higher level of security for people logging into various work-related applications.

The TOTP feature is compatible with virtually any platform that supports two-step verification, including Google, Slack, and Amazon Web Services. While there is a fee for enterprises that deploy the solution in the workplace, everyday consumers can utilize it for free through the Trusona App, which is available for iOS and Android devices through their respective stores.  

“It has become clear that simply utilizing usernames and passwords to protect sensitive assets is not enough,” said Trusona Founder and CEO Ori Eisen. “Trusona’s support of 2-step verification both strengthens and consolidates security across the enterprise to deliver a one-stop shop solution for all enterprise [multi-factor authentication] needs.”

Trusona previously introduced an anti-replay solution that analyzes metadata to prevent people from re-using an image that was used during a prior onboarding session. The technology offers a degree of liveness detection, since it ensures that a new image is being generated in response to each unique step-up request.  

Bugaroo has also noted that one-time passwords are a more effective form of two-step verification than SMS authentication.