Trusted UI Added To Nok Nok Labs Authentication Suite

noknok-logoThis week Nok Nok Labs announced that its NNL S3 Authentication Suite now supports Trusted User Interface (Trusted UI) for secure mobile payments. Trusted UI is being made available through Trustonic’s ARM TrustZone-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

The two companies, Nok Nok Labs and Trustonic, are members of the FIDO Alliance and partnered earlier this year with an aim to improve authentication across the whole mobile ecosystem. With Trusted UI support, the companies have succeeded in providing strong security throughout the entire m-commerce and mobile payments ecosystem.

Rajiv Dholakia, vice president of products at Nok Nok Labs says that Trusted UI is an essential building block in protection from malware.

“With the increased use of mobile banking applications, this is particularly beneficial for the financial and payments sector,” Says Dholakia. “This industry sees extremely high-value and highly-sensitive transactions, and we recognized the importance of providing an even greater level of security to our customers so they could in turn confidently assure their users that their data is safe and secure.”

The Trusted UI integration protects against malware attacks by isolating all authentication and transaction verification from the Rich OS. The overall aim with the new functionality is to provide greater end-to-end security. It is designed to be backwards compatible as well, supporting PIN pad authentication where biometric authenticators are unavailable.

Rob Coombs, security marketing director at ARM explains, “Consumers can already replace passwords with fingerprint authentication on smartphones and tablets which utilize standards-based specifications such as FIDO. Nok Nok Labs’ inclusion of a trusted user interface based on ARM TrustZone technology brings advanced hardware-based security to FIDO implementations, offering increased confidence to consumers and cloud service providers. It will help to accelerate the move to simpler, stronger authentication for everyone.”

Nok Nok Labs was at ARM TechCon yesterday demonstrating the newly bolstered transaction verification for mobile payments.