Trustonic Launches ‹t-base-300 To Simplify Security on Connected Devices

It is because of the proliferation of constantly connected devices that the world is now on the verge of a number of revolutions in personal technology. Physical payments by smartphone, location based marketing and even connected cars are all almost realities and we have widespread connectivity and increased levels of personal security to thank for that.

Today, Trustonic, a privately held company by Gemalto, ARM, and G&D, announced the launch of its newest generation of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology: ‹t-base-300. As the successor to the previous  ‹t-base-100 and ‹t-base-200 technologies, the newest entry in the product line stands to simplify the trusted user experience for mobile security.

Aiming to provide a much needed protection in mobile finance and BYOD,  ‹t-base-300 protects sensitive data entered on a connected device with it’s Trusted User Interface which allows for PIN-protected transactions to be performed from a mobile. It also allows providers to protect rich content through it’s  ‹t-play capability, helping users better lock media for better monetisation.

‹t-base-300 is available to all previous  ‹t-base customers, as the solution is backward compatible.

Speaking to  ‹t-base-300’s abilities, Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic, said, “The ‹t-base-300 makes it very simple for device manufacturers and app developers to integrate a greater level of trust in smart connected devices.  For service providers, ‹t-base-300 enables the best-fit content protection and monetisation models.  Users benefit from a simpler, quicker and safer device user experience that will enhance their digital lives”

Mobile device management (MDM) platforms are becoming less of a luxury and more of a business necessity now that connectivity is the norm. BYOD is proving to be not only resilient but efficiency enabling. Mobile financial transactions are risky but revolutionary. Adding a level of trust through MDM is going to ensure that the important information involved in these areas isn’t compromised as we move into an easier tomorrow.