Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanner Compatible With Gorilla Glass

Ultrasound Fingeprint Scanner Compatible With Gorilla GlassSonavation has announced what it’s calling a break-through in its ultrasound biometric fingerprint technology. The company has now developed a sensor that is compatible with Corning Gorilla Glass.

The company’s technology is uniquely sophisticated in terms of fingerprint sensors because it uses ultrasonic sound waves to create a three dimensional map of a fingerprint, which the company calls virtually unspoofable. As traditional 2D fingerprint scanning becomes more standard on mobile devices, its vulnerability to spoofing is starting to make this kind of 3D ultrasonic imaging all the more appealing, and others are starting to get in on this technological frontier. But Sonavation remains at the forefront of this area, and with its Gorilla Glass compatibility the company is now better positioned than ever.

That’s because Gorilla Glass is hugely popular for smartphone touchscreens. It’s currently used in almost four billion devices from over 40 leading brands, and it could start to become more popular in a broader range of devices as the Internet of Things expands and proliferates.

In a statement, Sonavation CEO Karl Weintz said his company is “the first known company to develop and successfully achieve 3D fingerprint directly bonded under 400 micron thick under glass,” adding that it’s “making a revolutionary change and lasting mark on the industry.”