Unisys CEO to Make ‘Moonshot’ Argument for Internet Security at CES Gov’t Talk

Unisys CEO to Make 'Moonshot' Argument for Internet Security at CES Gov't Talk

Unisys CEO Peter Altabef is preparing to make the case for embracing sophisticated technologies like biometrics and AI to secure the internet at a high-profile, government-focused speaking event affiliated with this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Altabef will deliver his argument in a speech entitled “The Cyber Moonshot Imperative” at the CES Government conference, which will take place this Saturday after the conclusion of CES 2019. According to a statement from Unisys announcing the presentation, it will be based on Altabef’s efforts as co-chair of the White House Cyber Moonshot working group, a component of the US government’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Altabef will argue that the need to secure the internet will require “fundament changes… at all levels of society, from education and policy to privacy and technology,” according to the statement. Elaborating further, Altabef said that “governments and companies will need to actively leverage new technologies, including 5G communications, artificial intelligence and biometrics, to make us safer – not just better connected.”

Unisys is well-positioned to make this case, having demonstrated strong growth in its latest quarterly update, and being involved in major government contracts related to things like Army-led biometric data collection and biometric border control – areas that could lend it credibility in the eyes of government authorities fixated on the latter area in particular, and possibly under-apprised concerning digital security online.