US Bank Completes Apple Pay Support

US Bank Completes Apple Pay SupportUS Bank customers who use its FlexPerks American Express Cards can now sign them up for Apple Pay, the bank has announced. The move completes US Bank’s Apple Pay support, with all US Bank cards now compatible with the mPayment service.

As with so many other banks that have offered Apple Pay support since its launch, in a statement US Bank emphasized the security and convenience of the mPayment system. The organization also used the opportunity to position itself as one at the leading edge of digital innovations, with SVP Cliff Cook asserting, “As one of the leaders in mobile payments, we continue investing in innovation to better serve our customers today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.”

This latest offering of support further inches Apple Pay toward the 1000-mark in its roster of participating US card issuers. As the longest-standing mPayment platform in the US, Apple Pay has attained a strong base of support, which it will need to defend marketshare against rivals Samsung Pay and Android Pay, both of which entered the American market in the latter part of 2015. Meanwhile, this mPayment war is proceeding in other battlefronts, with major players aiming to bring bring their services to more regions around the world, including even China’s relatively closed market.