US Mobile Carriers Unveil Password-Free ZenKey Authentication Platform

US Mobile Carriers Unveil Password-Free ZenKey Authentication Platform

The Mobile Authentication Taskforce is bringing a new authentication and transaction platform to mobile devices. Dubbed ZenKey, the platform allows for secure password-free logins that will make it easier and safer for service providers to connect with their customers.

To that end, app developers and other providers will be able to integrate the ZenKey technology into their own solutions, enabling biometric and multi-factor authentication on connected devices. In addition to confirming the identities of individual users, ZenKey uses unique network signals to verify the device itself.

“Conventional wisdom says heightened data security isn’t convenient, and that’s why it has seemed to be out of reach. ZenKey shows the industry it doesn’t have to be that way,” said GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair.

The Mobile Authentication Taskforce is made up of four major American mobile carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The four companies are hoping that ZenKey will reduce the amount of fraud that is carried out using stolen credentials, especially as people and financial institutions continue to rely on passwords and exhibit bad behavior when using them. As a standardized security solution, ZenKey should encourage the adoption of password-free security, thereby improving trust and making mobile interactions safer for everyone.

ZenKey will make its first public appearance at the Mobile World Congress Americas conference in Los Angeles (October 22-24) before heading to Las Vegas for Money 20/20 (October 27-30). The development specifications will be made available at that time.