Valencell Boasts of Strong Licensing Growth

With the year coming to a close, Valencell is reporting continued growth in its establishment and licensing of biometric wearable technologies.

Valencell Boasts of Strong Licensing GrowthThe company says this year saw a 360 percent increase in the number of companies that have acquired its technology. Meanwhile, the company saw 35 percent growth on the IP front, with 10 patents added in 2016, bringing its portfolio to 39 granted and 90 pending.

In a statement announcing the figures, Valencell attributed its licensing growth to wrist- and ear-based sensor technology sales. Company president Steven LeBoeuf emphasized that 2016 saw the market for ear-based biometrics “take off, particularly in the sports and fitness market, where consumers are frustrated with the user experience and accuracy of low-performance wrist-worn devices”. Deployed in wearables like Jabra’s wireless earbuds, the technology is able to track biometrics like heart rate and VO₂ max level.

While the company appears to have good reason to celebrate its strong year, it’s also clearly keen to build up a bit of hype ahead of next month’s CES 2017 event, where it will showcase its PerformTek biometric technology.