VerifyMe Helps Techind Guard Against Counterfeit Medication

VerifyMe has formed a strategic partnership with Techind Engineers & Consultants-Impex. Techind is a part of India’s Gohar Group, and specializes in line serialization systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

VerifyMe Helps Techind Guard Against Counterfeit Medication

Thanks to the new partnership, Techind will be enhancing its current offerings with VerifyMe’s own VeriPAS serialization and tracking platform. Launched in 2018, VeriPAS is a mobile solution that allows clients to scan invisible package codes with a smartphone. In addition to helping with basic shipping logistics, the solution guards against the distribution of counterfeit goods and lets recipients know that the branded products they are receiving are authentic.   

The two companies believe that the partnership will allow them to appeal to clients in a number of different industries, including biotech and processed food. However, it will be particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, where counterfeiting can have deadly consequences if patients do not receive proper medication as a result.

“People want comfort that the drugs and medications they are taking are authentic,” said VerifyMe CEO Patrick White. “Combining our counterfeit protection technologies with their expertise in manufacturing systems is a win not only for their pharmaceutical clients but for the people that need to be protected from harmful and deadly counterfeit drugs.”

“VeriPAS is an upgrade from what we were previously doing and something we believe our existing clients can integrate with and new clients will desire,” added Techind CEO A.J.S. Gohar. “This partnership is particularly timely given our experience in the pharma industry and recent avenues to serialize and authenticate COVID-19 test kits.”

Techind’s current client list includes several major players in the pharmaceutical industry, including Sun Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer.

VerifyMe is not the only company working to ensure the integrity of industrial supply chains. Last April, Serve added facial recognition to its blockchain-based logistics platform to allow customers to generate biometric receipts at each stage of the shipping journey.