VeriTran Brings Sensory’s TrulySecure Biometrics To Clients

VeriTran is now taking advantage of Sensory Inc. biometric technology for its clients.

VeriTran Offers Sensory Biometric Authentication Solutions to ClientsThe company offers technology solutions to the retail and financial industries, with a particular focus on mobile tech. It claims dozens of clients, including one of Mexico’s biggest banks; and those clients will now have access to Sensory’s TrulySecure authentication technology. That means they can enable FIDO-certified face- and voice-based authentication of their customers without the need for any special hardware beyond what’s found on a standard smartphone.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, VeriTran CEO Marcelo González alluded to the growing excitement around biometrics in the world of financial services, asserting that “[b]iometric authentication has become a hot topic among our customers,” adding that some have already developed mobile banking apps leveraging TrulySecure authentication.

This latest development arrives soon after Sensory’s announcements of high-profile partnerships with the Alexa Voice Service team and Samsung SDS Solutions, suggesting building momentum for the company.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)