Virgin Pulse Workforce Health Management Platform Integrates Biometrics

Virgin Pulse Workforce Health Management Platform Integrates BiometricsVirgin Pulse is integrating biometric technology into its online health habits platform, the company has announced. The Virgin Pulse platform will soon be equipped with Quest Diagnostics technology.

Aimed at the enterprise level, the platform is designed to help employers improve the health of their workforce populations by encouraging employees to track their behavior and alter habits to produce better outcomes. With the integration of Quest Diagnostics’ biometric monitoring technology, the Virgin Pulse platform will be able to collect even more important health data, and to more effectively monitor the health and fitness levels of workplace staff.

While the companies haven’t yet disclosed what kind of biometric tracking will be used specifically, they have indicated that it will enable screening in a range of settings including onsite and at home. Commenting in a press release, Virgin Pulse Products SVP Ron Hildebrandt said Quest Diagnostics’ technology would enable “top-tier biometric screenings” that will help clients and their staff to see “a clear picture of their health risks” as they strive for better health habits.

The use of biometrics in tracking employee health may be on the rise as employers begin to see the benefits in terms of health insurance payouts, and as the healthcare biometrics market more generally continues to grow. And while other, similar solutions are starting to emerge, Virgin Pulse may be ahead of the curve in seeking to integrate biometrics into its platform now.