Visa Plans Strong MWC Showing With Mobile, Biometric Solutions

Visa Plans Strong MWC Showing With Mobile, Biometric SolutionsVisa is planning to show off a number of innovative technologies at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the company has announced. In a new statement, the company says it will “showcase the future of payments”.

There will be a strong focus on mobile and wearable payment options, including Visa Checkout, mVisa, and wristbands, keychains, and even stickers via Barclays’ Barclaycard solutions. Taking things a bit further to the front lines of innovation, the company says it will demonstrate how new payment options can be integrated into the connected car of the future.

The company will also put biometric authentication into the spotlight, with plans to showcase fingerprint and facial recognition solutions. While those authentication modalities are not necessarily groundbreaking, Visa also hints at solutions that will eschew any sort of hardware, asserting that MWC attendees will be shown “how you could pay at the register with the simple wave of a hand”.

It’s an ambitious showing, but the company has been eager to get a foothold in the growing digital payments market, with recent announcements on new innovations to empower cardholders with new digital accounts management, and a new developer platform for Visa solutions.