VivaLNK’s New Wearable Device Will Monitor Patient Health and Generate Clinical Data

VivaLNK's New Wearable Device Will Monitor Patient Health and Generate Clinical Data

The healthcare solutions provider VivaLNK has unveiled a new medical device that tracks human vital signs and biometrics. Dubbed the Sensor Platform, the wearable IoT device will gather patient data such as heart rate, temperature, and ECG patterns. It will then upload the data to a cloud platform, where it can then be accessed and analyzed on other connected devices.

According to VivaLNK CEO Jiang Li, the Sensor Platform will help generate the data needed to power machine learning applications in the healthcare industry. 

“The launch of our Sensor Platform is instrumental in helping solution partners accelerate medical and healthcare innovation to market,” said Li. “To have a more complete picture of patient health, applications and algorithms need a variety of relevant data that can be used to correlate and accurately assess and predict health situations.”

The Sensor Platform will be on display at the VivaLNK booth at HIMSS 2019 throughout the week. In the meantime, the Sensor Platform is already available through VivaLNK’s Developer Program, allowing companies like Vitalic Medical to use it to build a bedside system that can predict and prevent falls in aging patients.

“By leveraging VivaLNK wearable sensor within the Vitalic platform, Vitalic Medical can offer an early trigger system that helps nurses identify early signs of patient deterioration and fall-risk patients,” said Vitalic Medical CEO Sue Dafnias.

The partnership with Vitalic Medical is an early indication that Sensor Platform will indeed fuel data analysis in a number of different medical fields. The Sensor Platform is the latest entry in the growing market for wearable healthcare devices such as Qualcomm’s biometric patch.