Vivo Upgrades the Camera in its Latest Smartphone

Vivo Upgrades the Camera in its Latest Smartphone

Vivo is improving the camera technology in its latest smartphone. The company has announced that the V15Pro will feature an Elevating Front-Camera, as well as an AI Triple Camera that makes it easier to take clear photos at night, regardless of the level of exposure. 

“We are always looking to bring game-changing features, such as higher-quality cameras and smarter AI services that transport the mobile experience to a new dimension,” said Spark Ni, the Senior Vice President of Vivo. “The V15Pro is a clear example of our commitment to bringing advanced products to consumers.”

Vivo’s 32MP Elevating Front Camera debuted at MWC18 and was first incorporated in Vivo’s NEX line of phones. The technology eliminates the need for a camera notch and enables a full-screen viewing experience on the V15Pro.

In addition to the Elevating Front Camera, the V15Pro comes with a built-in Google Assistant and in-display fingerprint scanning, as well as a suite of AI photo editing software that includes AI Face Beauty, AI Portrait Framing, and AI Body Shaping. The new phone also features an improved version of Vivo’s Jovi Image Recognizer AI assistant.

The V15Pro will be available in multiple markets around the world. While Vivo has been pushing its pioneering in-display fingerprint technology for much of the past year, its focus on better cameras points to the growing normalization of in-display fingerprint sensors as more smartphone brands have embraced the technology.