Wearable Mind-Controlled UI Startup Raises $6M in Series A

Wearable Mind-Controlled UI Startup Raises $6M in Series A

Neurotechnology specialist Neurable has raised $6 million in a Series A funding round.

Based in Boston, the company has focused on developing wearable EEG technology designed to let users interact with software using only their minds. Neurable first demonstrated this technology in an application involving a Virtual Reality games, a collaboration with Red Bull that was demoed at this year’s Lollapalooza event.

Now, the company wants to bring its technology to headphone devices, with the Series A funding helping to facilitate that expansion. The headphones will not only allow hands-free control over mobile devices, but will also measure a user’s “cognitive state”, the company says.

“A pair of headphones is the ideal brain-sensing wearable because it is a consumer electronics device that millions of people already wear on their heads every day,” explained Neurable’s Vice President of Product, Jamie Alders, in a statement announcing the investment capital. “Compared to other potential head-worn electronics form factors, headphones benefit from mature sales channels, seasoned supply chain, and proven customer value.”

Neurables Series A funding round was led by M Ventures, and featured the participation of Innospark Ventures as well as existing investors Loup Ventures and Point Judith Capital.

“Neurable has the potential to become the user interface of the future, enabling more seamless communication with devices, hands-free and voice-free, disrupting the way we interact with consumer electronics,” commented M Ventures Principal Alexander Hoffmann, adding that his firm sees “outstanding synergy potential with other tech companies in M Ventures’ portfolio.”