Yoti Partners with Native to Stop Ticket Resellers with Sigma Concert Tour

Yoti Partners with Native to Stop Ticket Resellers with Sigma Concert Tour

Yoti is getting into the concert business through its partnership with Native. Native is an app that makes concert and event tickets more readily available to students, and it is teaming up with Yoti to promote a British tour featuring the DJ duo Sigma.

While Sigma is the headlining act, the tour itself is set up to showcase Yoti’s consumer-friendly ticketing capabilities. The digital identity specialist is claiming that its new tech can prevent touting, which refers to groups and individuals who purchase large blocks of tickets and resell them at exorbitant prices once those tickets become scarce. 

To stop it, Yoti is asking student concertgoers to register through the Yoti app when buying tickets. Doing so will embed the customer’s name and photo in the QR code printed on the ticket, inextricably linking the ticket to the person who made the purchase. Both the name and the photo will be revealed when the ticket is scanned at the entrance to the venue.

Early bird tickets for The Untoutable Tour will soon be on sale for £5, with full price tickets jumping up to £10 shortly after. Those interested can also try to win free tickets through a raffle that requires entrants to download the Yoti app.

The tour builds on Yoti’s pre-existing relationship with Native. The two companies first joined forces back in August, forging a partnership that allowed Native users to log into the app using Yoti’s digital identity platform instead of a password. Yoti also provides proof of age for people trying to buy tickets to age-restricted events.

The Sigma tour is not Yoti’s first fair ticketing initiative. The company previously partnered with the Ticket Bank, a charity that gathers spare event tickets and distributes them more equitably. The organization is now using Yoti to ensure that tickets make it into the hands of verified recipients.

The Untoutable Tour kicks off on February 16 and will run until March 17.