Yoti Touts System for Sharing of COVID-19 Test Credentials

Digital identity specialist Yoti has announced the development of a new privacy-focused solution for the sharing of COVID-19 test credentials that uses biometrics and anti-spoofing technology.

Yoti Touts System for Sharing of COVID-19 Test Credentials

Yoti’s solution allows health organisations to issue, update and revoke trusted health credentials to an individual’s Yoti app using its secure platform, enabling them to share data with privacy and minimization in mind.

Yoti’s digital identity platform is already the official digital ID of the Jersey Government, and the company recently began creating digital IDs for NHS England and NHS Improvement.

By using the Yoti platform, individuals are able to verify their identity using government-verified credentials right on their smartphone without having to divulge any more private information than is necessary on a case by case basis. Yoti’s digital ID platform is already supported in over 12,000 stores across the U.K. and has been downloaded more than 7 million times.

Yoti has also been active in the fight against COVID-19, being among one of the first companies to offer its services for free to individuals and organizations fighting the spread of the deadly virus.

The solution — which is free for individuals and health organizations that are issuing test results on Yoti — is also backed by a global Code of Practice designed to protect individuals that are sharing verified test results, and that was also developed by Yoti in collaboration with medical and privacy experts.