Yubico Helps Users Pass on Passwords for Windows 10 Devices

Yubico Helps Users Pass on Passwords for Windows 10 Devices“Passwords are out. You’re in,” reads the tagline featured in an advertisement for the recently announced FIDO2 Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP)-enabled Yubico Security Key. As a provider of hardware authentication security keys, Yubico has unlocked a passwordless future with its latest product, which supports Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (aka Azure AD).

Passwordless access is demonstrated in a 45 second video clip featuring the multiple applications for business, home use, restaurant employees, physicians all unlocking the power of the post-password world. The small device enables the user to login to various Windows 10 devices, like a laptop or smartphone, with a tap of their finger. Unlike passwords which can be guessed, shared and hacked reomtely, the Yubico Security Key ensures only the holder of the physical key can gain access to associated accounts. The authentication device also serves as a keychain for your old fashioned keys.

Yubico’s latest authentication solution in its ongoing mission to usher in a future without passwords is the first CTAP-enabled security device on the market, and it has cross-industry applications. Thanks to integrated support for Windows and Microsoft cloud services enterprises with distributed workforces in a shared or multi-device ecosystem like healthcare, transportation, and finance all stand to benefit from strong and convenient authentication.

“While multi-factor authentication provides a needed layer of security, most MFA solutions also require the use of a standard username and password, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient,” said Garrett Bekker, principal Analyst, 451 Research, quoted in a statement form Yubico. “The WebAuthn and CTAP client functionality within FIDO2 helps Yubico offer a hardware-based MFA approach that is both more secure and easy-to-use compared to static credentials.”