Yubico Sheds More Light on YubiEnterprise Services

Yubico Sheds More Light on YubiEnterprise Services

Yubico has shared some more information about its new YubiEnterprise Services. The service platform was set up to help organizations to purchase, distribute, and manage a large number of YubiKeys, which will in turn make it easier to ensure that the entire organization – and every employee within that organization – is following strong authentication protocols.

To that end, the YubiEnterprise Subscription Service will lower the initial cost for companies that are looking to integrate YubiKeys into their business practices. Companies can sign up for a one-year or a three-year subscription that is calculated on a per-user basis. However, the service is reserved for large organizations, and requires a minimum initial purchase for 750 users.

The Subscription Service will also make pricing more predictable and give organizations more flexibility. Since the cost is determined per user (rather than per key), an IT department doesn’t need to try and project the volume and type of YubiKeys it will need in the future when placing an order. It can simply make a decision based on the number of keys it needs at the current moment, and then add new users (or upgrade to new keys) as needed.

The YubiEnterprise Delivery Service, meanwhile, is essentially a logistics platform that allows companies to outsource YubiKey management responsibilities. Companies can purchase YubiKeys in bulk, but Yubico will monitor the inventory, and ship YubiKeys to end-users at the request of the company. Yubico will calculate any shipping costs and taxes, and automatically deduct those expenses from the company’s Yubico shipping account.

The Delivery Service will provide customers with tracking information for any shipments. Those customers will be able to view their inventory and generate reports using Yubico’s self-service administrator console.

Companies interested in signing up for the YubiEnterprise Service will have access to Yubico’s entire portfolio of YubiKeys, including the YubiKey Bio and the YubiKey 5C NFC. The Subscription Service is now available in Canada and the US, while the Delivery Service is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2020. Yubico has planned a phased rollout of the Service for the rest of the world.