ZenGo Updates Its Biometrically Secured Crypto Wallet

Biometrics News - ZenGo Updates Its Biometrically Secured Crypto Wallet

Having been live in the App Store for only a few weeks, ZenGo has updated its eponymous cryptocurrency app.

Most of the enhancements concern the app’s redesigned user interface, with ZenGo calling it “the most handsome wallet you’ve ever seen” in its announcement. There’s a new “quick action” menu, and account balances can be upgraded easily through a “pull-to-refresh” feature.

More substantially, the app also now supports QR codes. This means users can easily share their cryptocurrency addresses with others when trading in person, just by having the person sending them currency scan the code presented on their smartphone’s display.

“They’re safe and sound so you can easily share your address with anyone,” the company explained, adding later, “ZenGo supports Bitcoin HD wallets which protect your privacy by generating a new address at every use.”

This emphasis on security and privacy has been an important part of ZenGo’s brand from the outset. Earlier this year, the company issued a challenge to users to try to hack its wallet, offering a reward of one Bitcoin. No malefactors succeeded, thanks in large part to the role played by FaceTec’s ZoOm authentication system in ZenGo’s crypto wallet. The system confirms user identity via selfie, and features highly sophisticated liveness detection technology to ensure that spoofing attempts never work.

With this highly advanced security technology in play, and the capability of letting user’s play around with a beta version of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, ZenGo is quickly establishing itself as one of the most attractive cryto wallets on the digital market.