Multimodal ZTE Smartphone Wins IFA Award

Biometric Authentication BannersZTE Axon, the latest flagship smartphone from China-based handset maker ZTE, has won a prestigious industry award, the company has announced. The smartphone took the User Experience Gold Award at this year’s IFA consumer electronics trade show.

The award was given by IDG and German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and to some degree represents an acknowledgment of the smartphone’s user-friendly technological sophistication. Taking aim at the upper end of the smartphone market, the device sports a number of advanced features such as hi-res videos and images via dual rear cameras, and high-fidelity audio recording and playback.

But its standout features may be its multimodal biometric capabilities; it’s one of the first smartphones in the world to implement fingerprint and eye scanning as well as voice control. The multimodal biometric functionality could prove increasingly important as more mPayment platforms and other applications relying on biometrics for user authentication hit the market.

It also just makes things easier for users, allowing for the convenience of using biometrics for various authentication needs, rather than the tedium of remembering (and often resetting) passwords and PINs. Acknowledging the award, ZTE Mobile Device CEO Adam Zeng called it a “great recognition” of ZTE’s efforts “to truly put the consumer at the heart of our product development.”