Zwipe Access Card Wins SIA Award

Zwipe Wins American SESAMES AwardBiometric authentication company Zwipe won a major award at last week’s ISC West conference in Las Vegas. At the Security Industry Association’s 2015 New Product Showcase ceremony, the Zwipe Access Card was named “best product for user authentication, identification, credentialing and management”, the company has announced.

The product allows a smart card to be equipped with on-card fingerprint scanning via 3D capacitive technology. Zwipe says it’s compatible with all major card readers, and doesn’t require any modifications to existing access control readers and software; it can be integrated in the same way that any Mifare, iCLASS, or proximity cards are incorporated into a company’s EAC system.

In acknowledging the award, Zwipe CEO Kim Kristian Humborstad emphasized the company’s place in a growing field, saying that the recognition “is an indication of both the industry’s acceptance of biometrics as well as an endorsement of our product’s unique value proposition in the market.”

It’s not the company’s first award from the industry. At last year’s CARTES event, Zwipe won an American SESAMES award for innovation in the category of identification. The company proceeded to team up with MasterCard to develop a biometric credit card, and this year has further extended its market presence with its HID Global integration and its accession to the aptiQ Alliance Program.