Zwipe Renews Biometric Card Contract with Brazil’s TGS

Zwipe Renews Biometric Card Contract with Brazil's TGS

Zwipe has officially renewed its partnership with the Brazilian smart card manufacturer Thomas Greg & Sons (TGS). The two companies first joined forces in April of 2019 in an effort to develop biometric payment cards for the Latin American market.

Now that the contract has been renewed, TGS will move forward with the small scale manufacturing of those cards. The company will then ramp up production over time to meet the growing demand for contactless payment solutions. The new cards will leverage Zwipe’s Pay ONE platform, which combines Zwipe software with a fingerprint sensor from IDEX Biometrics to deliver a single-chip biometric secure element.

“We are now seeing increasing interest in biometric payment cards in our region, especially as consumers become much more familiar with contactless payments and demand safer and more hygienic payment alternatives in store,” explained TGS CEO Hernani Finazzi.

“Latin America is a fast-emerging region when it comes to payment card usage,” added Zwipe CEO André Løvestam. “We look forward to jointly addressing the needs of banks and consumers in Latin America going forward.”

Zwipe has already entered the small scale card manufacturing phase with Hong Kong’s TFCT. The company has also teamed up with Watchdata Technologies to develop new contactless payment options, which will include wearables in addition to biometric payment cards.