Zwipe Teams with Watchdata to Develop Contactless Payment Tech

Zwipe has teamed up with Watchdata Technologies to develop contactless payment solutions. The offerings will eventually include wearable devices and contactless payment cards, which will be distributed to banks in multiple regions around the world.

Zwipe Teams with Watchdata to Develop Contactless Payment Tech

Watchdata is based in Beijing, though its company headquarters are located in Singapore. The company specializes in secure transactions and digital authentication, with products and services that have been certified by VISA, Mastercard, and China UnionPay.

Zwipe, meanwhile, will be providing components and technical expertise that will lead to the creation of biometric payment cards in the first stage of the collaboration. The agreement specifically concerns the company’s Pay ONE platform, which comes with the operating system and software needed to deliver a single-chip biometric secure element.

“Partnering with Zwipe to develop the next generation contactless experience aligns strongly with our mission of innovation,” said Watchdata Product Manager Nicole Guo. “Biometric capabilities combine convenience with security. Integrating Zwipe Pay ONE into our smart card program will be key to competing and securing future business in this fast-emerging segment.”

According to Zwipe CEO André Løvestam, the partnership will generate new Pay ONE opportunities in countries across the globe. Zwipe itself has embarked on numerous biometric payment card projects in the past few months. It is moving forward with small-scale manufacturing with Hong Kong’s TFCT, and is conducting a biometric card pilot with IDEX and IDEMIA. It has also integrated an IDEX Biometrics fingerprint sensor into the Pay ONE platform.