170,000 Guests Saw More than 20,000 New Products at CES 2020

170,000 Guests Saw More than 20,000 New Products at CES 2020

CES 2020 is officially in the books, and the organizers are wrapping up the event with a look back at some of the major highlights. This year, the 4,400+ exhibitors in Las Vegas launched more than 20,000 new products, which were viewed by approximately 170,000 attendees.  

Much of the attention went towards traditional tech fields like AI and 5G, where familiar players like Nokia and Ericsson drew many of the headlines. However, CES did point out that there were plenty of unconventional exhibitors like Impossible Foods and John Deere, the former of which introduced Impossible Pork and the latter of which was featured in the AI and Robotics Marketplace.   

“CES illustrated that every company is truly a tech company,” said CES Executive Vice President Karen Chupka. “Global technology brands blended with non-traditional tech companies to showcase how innovation is furthering business across all markets – setting the stage for the decade ahead.”

CES 2020 served as a showcase for the transportation industry. Mercedes-Benz released an eco-friendly VISION AVTR concept car based on James Cameron’s Avatar, while Samsung and ArcherMind unveiled their own versions of a digital cockpit. There were plenty of innovations for industries like healthcare and smart cities, in addition to a raft of new wearable devices.

The event featured more than 1,100 different speakers, and included a keynote from Samsung President and CEO Hyun-Suk Kim. Next year’s CES is scheduled for January 6-9 in Las Vegas.