Samsung Stuffs 5G Safety and Infotainment Features Into Digital Cockpit 2020

Samsung Stuffs 5G Safety and Infotainment Features Into Digital Cockpit 2020

Samsung is continuing to explore the potential for connected vehicles with the CES debut of the Digital Cockpit 2020. The new Digital Cockpit is the product of an ongoing collaboration with Samsung’s HARMAN International subsidiary.

So what can drivers expect to find? The Digital Cockpit is built with an Exynos Auto V9 System on Chip, and leverages Android 10 to ensure that it will be compatible with other devices, including smartphones. Drivers can log into the car through the fingerprint reader on their smartphone, or through a facial recognition scan carried out with one of the eight cameras placed inside the vehicle.

The Cockpit has eight displays in addition to the eight cameras, the most notable of which is the Front Display that has a split-screen mode to allow passengers to access information without distracting the person behind the wheel.

For safety, the car also offers Camera and Driver Monitoring Systems. The former replaces side mirrors with adjustable camera views, while the latter keeps tabs on the driver and watches for signs of drowsiness or distracted driving (such systems are becoming increasingly popular in connected cars). The other intriguing feature is the 53.7-inch Tail Display that warns trailing vehicles about traffic, road work, and other potential hazards on the road ahead.

The Cockpit’s connected features are delivered through 5G technology. The 2020 version introduces wireless connections to improve on its 2019 predecessor, allowing passengers to connect personal mobile devices to the vehicle through Samsung DeX to access multimedia content and control things like speaker volume and the air conditioning.

Voice controls (and voice recognition) are delivered courtesy of Samsung’s “Bixby in the car” service. The Digital Cockpit 2020 also utilizes the SmartThings IoT platform to allow the car to communicate with smart devices at home or in the office.

Samsung discussed connected vehicles during a CES keynote presentation that emphasized the importance of more personalized digital experiences.

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